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Meet Sarah'

Sarah Connelly Tapped In Founder

Hello, I'm Sarah,

I share and help others find joy and freedom in an alcohol-free life-style.

I am a certified Grey Area Drinking and Mindset coach, Yoga teacher and mindfulness instructor. In the last 14 years I have built a 7-figure business, raised 2 young boys, lost both my parents and navigated life in Australia as a non-drinker since October 2019.

For many years I functioned as a successful business owner, parent and wife. I wasn’t an alcoholic, but I knew my drinking habit was getting in the way of me living to my full potential.

In 2019 I quit drinking at a two week rehab program. This experience inspired me to re-train and to seek alternative support options for people like me. People not ‘bad enough’ for rehab or cut out for AA.

I created Tapped In for you. So you can explore the many options that are now available for people interested in quitting booze for a happier, healthier, more joyful life.


Penny Owens

“Sarah has worked tirelessly to normalise the alcohol-free movement, and create a wider community for like-minded individuals. It is exciting to be a part of this journey with her.”

Penny Owens, Marketing Manager and Communications Manager

Edenvale Wines

Amanda Thomson

“As the leading global alcohol-free sparkling wine brand in the fast-emerging space we love to align with people who share our mission.

Sarah has been driving the AF movement forward in Australia since 2019 and we see her as a key inspirational partner in helping grow Noughty in her wonderful country and beyond!”

Amanda Thomson

Founder & CEO Thomson & Scott

Andy Quin Co-Founder

“Sarah is a wonderful advocate for the emerging alcohol free space and in her passionate & professional manner is helping to drive consumer and trade awareness and progression. We have been fortunate to work with Sarah on a number of occasions and find her knowledgeable and respectful in her drive for change.”

Andy Quin Co-Founder

Etch Sparkling

Christina Daley

“Sarah is a wonderfully passionate and active AF advocate. Her advocacy and work on driving change is absolutely what Australia needs right now – from the petition, to events and her social media presence. Sarah’s reach across social media and in person events means she brings together great consumer insights and perspectives.”

Christina Daley CEO, Co-Founder and head of R&D

Altina Drinks


“I came to Sarah when I was ready to make fundamental changes to my life. I was stuck in a rut and had become too dependent upon alcohol. Sarah has the experience, the knowledge and the tools to help, I couldn’t have done it without her. Today I feel so much more energised, more in control and more fulfilled.”

Carolyn, Retired Senior Executive

British Telecom UK

Sinead Hourigan

 “Sarah joined us at a wrap-up event where the team got to test a selection of alcohol-free drinks. They were very surprised at the quality and appreciative of the business considering their needs. Sarah gave an excellent presentation, sharing some of her own story and assisting the team in understanding that choosing AF is absolutely normal in our society and something that should be supported in any environment.”

Sinead Hourigan, Managing Director, Robert Walters QLD


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