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Tapped In works with organisations across Australia to help them successfully initiate the AF conversation, educate and inspire their teams, and increase wellbeing and productivity. Our goal is to inspire you to create a culture that celebrates the best life-style choices, and in turn attracts the best people.

AF Opportunities Consultation​

We offer a free 30 minute consult to tell you what we can offer to help. We discuss your companies culture,  goals and challenges and provide the best recommendations for next steps

AF Workshop

The AF Workshop is a 2 hour event hosted by Sarah Connelly.  The purpose is to encourage open conversation about alcohol in a format that is thought provoking, non-confrontational and upbeat. The workshop ends with a tasting of top quality alcohol-free alternatives.

AF Tasting Event

A one hour tasting event giving participants the opportunity to try a variety of top quality alcohol-free alternatives and to select thier favorites to add to the company drink offerings.

We work with organisations to help shape their alcohol-free policies and conversations to...

AF leadership

The choice to go Alcohol free or to reduce intake is very much on the rise as society becomes increasingly aware of the negative impacts it has, both in our personal lives and on businesses. ​

At the same time, alcohol is entrenched in our culture, from family celebrations, and social connection, to work and corporate life. Exposing and challenging the cultural norms and supporting compelling alternatives is essential to bringing about change.

Many organisations in Australia are becoming more aware of the importance and impact of having the alcohol-free conversation to give their employees support, information and choice.

A large part of this is to demonstrate a culture where drinking alcohol is not expected, and where choosing not to drink alcohol is embraced and normalised. Providing adult alcohol-free alternatives for employees, staff and clients is a great place to start.


Sinead Hourigan

Robert Walters has been on a journey for a few years now to ensure that we are creating a strong, supportive and inclusive culture within our business.  Being a reward driven sales culture has often meant that celebrations of success are conducted at end of month events. Although we recognise that many of our team are happy to celebrate with a few drinks on a Friday afternoon, we also recognise that many would be appreciative of alternate AF options so that they could join their colleagues with a beer or a glass of wine in their hands but without the alcohol content! 


Sarah did a full AF event where the team got to test the AF options that were available to them.  They were very surprised at the quality of the options and certainly appreciative of the business considering their needs.  Sarah gave an excellent presentation, sharing some of her own story and really assisting the team in understanding that choosing AF is absolutely normal in our society and something that should be supported in any environment.


We now have an excellent AF supplier through Sarah’s introduction and ensure that both AF and alcoholic options are available to the team whenever we are having events in the office.  We are also exploring how we can also ensure that these AF options are made available to our clients and candidates when we are hosting events out of the office and we are looking forward to the feedback from them as we continue our AF journey as a business.

Sinead Hourigan, Managing Director, QLD

Sinead Hourigan, Managing Director


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