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We’re here to celebrate and support your choices.

To challenge drinking norms

happy af alcohol free

We're here to make not drinking more

fun and exciting

Why aren't you drinking?

Isn't the better question
Why are you?

About you…

Making the AF choice makes you unique in the best way. It means you’ll be more present to life, have clarity and motivation to live life to the full.

It won’t be easy at first but with the right mindset, information and support you may find it easier than you think.

Go your own way

Choosing AF in current society can be challenging. Questions, limited choices, feeling on the outside. Our mission is to give you confidence to go your own way by providing tools, support, info and inspiration

No Judgement

We’re just happy you’re here wherever you're at.

Know what's on offer

There are so many great resources and positive AF communities popping up at a pace! We are shining a light on them so you can choose the ones that you like best.

Inspirational to others

We also believe you care about making a difference in your own way. By being here and taking steps, that’s just what you’re doing for yourself and for all those around you. Lead don't follow.

Is the alcohol-free path for you?

And where to start.

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We focus on the upside of alcohol-free (AF) living in 5 ways.

inspire alcohol free


By celebrating being Alcohol-free


Old attitudes and perceptions

inform alcohol free


With accessible, quality information

Normalise alcohol free


No shame,
no stigma

advocate alcohol free


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AF choice


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