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Entreprenuer launches new platform to challenge Australia’s ‘Not’ Drinking culture

Tapped In launch – July 2021

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Cutting out booze can be fun AF, right? Well, despite commonplace thinking, there’s no doubt that Aussies are reconsidering their drinking habits in recent times, with a fifth either not drinking alcohol in the past year or limiting their intake to less than one beverage per month.1 In addition, we have seen the rise of more people embracing ‘Dry’ months or opting for alcohol-free alternatives.

However, regardless of these statistics, and the fact that the low-to-no alcohol beverage sector is thriving and set to hit $1.6 trillion USD globally in the next few years, entrepreneur Sarah Connelly believes there is more work to be done to challenge the culture of ‘not’ drinking and ensure that people’s choice to reduce or remove alcohol, is made easier and met with less judgement.2

Understanding that there is a deeply ingrained drinking culture present in the Australian community, and little support or options available in the Alcohol-Free (AF) category, Sarah has founded Tapped In, a website and community that aims to inspire, educate, and provide tools for people looking to embrace this lifestyle.

Sarah says, “I created Tapped In in order to promote and encourage AF choice, whilst also challenging the old attitudes and negative connotations associated with quitting booze.”

“Choosing not to drink was often seen as an annoyance to others. For the first time I felt happy and confident in myself, yet I was met with caution, cynicism, and condescension,” Sarah says. “I found that any time I told people I was cutting out booze, I was judged, even labelled an ‘alcoholic.’ And it’s this type of assumption that can be a significant barrier for everyday people, who might not have a serious drinking problem, but just want to live more mindfully.

“I realised very quickly that society was not going to meet me where I was, because drinking culture was, and still is, so deeply ingrained in everything – from family gatherings to business events. I decided it was time to act. People needed the freedom ‘not’ to follow and not have to explain it to others.”

After creating her first website Sober Upside, Sarah went on to work with UK mindful drinking pioneers, Club Soda, to program the Aussie consumer and brand participation in the 2020 Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival. Since then, she has led the AF community on social media to advocate for more AF choice in venues across Australia.  Tapped In will launch in time for Dry July alongside an event sponsored by leading non-alcoholic drinks’ retailer, Sans Drinks and leading non-alcoholic beverage producer, Lyre’s Spirit Co. In addition, Sarah will be providing Tapped In AF corporate training programs for organisations who are looking to reframe the way they view business drinking.

Tapped In is also partnered with the global Better Without App providing an on-the-go tool for sourcing products and venues that serve AF option and Kaddy, connecting AF brands with venues Australia-wide. Sarah is also working with James Swanwick in his 90-day alcohol-free program helping people to quit drinking.

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Sarah Connelly

Sarah Connelly

Sarah is the Founder of Tapped In and has been writing and blogging about alcohol-free alternatives and lifestyle since October 2019. She's no pro, but she does her best.

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