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Feb 05

Are you drinking too much? I didn't think I was for years. But what is too much? I uncover how much in this post.

Dec 20
A Christmas to remember

Going alcohol-free at Christmas is not the easiest thing to do. Here I share the 2 main reasons we can lose our resolve and give my top 5 tips for navigating your way to AF success.

Nov 25
Orchids, Dandelions and HSPs

Scratching the surface of the trait of Highly Sensitive People, The Orchid Theory, and alcohol.

Sep 28
One for hospitality

One of the most common complaints I hear from consumers is that they struggle to find choice in restaurants and bars. Conversely, I hear from owners that there is little to no demand for them.

Aug 31
How to ask for BYO Alcohol-free

How to ask for BYO alcohol-free at restaurants, and get a yes!

Jul 05
What is a Grey Area Drinker (GAD)

What is a grey area drinker? Are you one? It's black or white.

Jul 02
An adventurous month off the grog

I wanted to discover ways to create the feelings I got from alcohol, better ways. I wanted to find joy in life, not in the bottom of a bottle for a fleeting moment or two.

Jun 21
Calories and Sugar in No and Low Wines

Does alcohol-free wine have less calories and sugar than alcoholic wine?

Jun 21
Mission. BYO Alcohol-Free

A story about the limited alcohol-free drink choices in high end restaurants. And my first foray into challenging the status quo.


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