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How to Go Alcohol Free: 100 tips for a sober life

"Whether you're a diehard drinker or a sometimes sipper, How to Go Alcohol Free is here to help you take control and change to a no-alcohol lifestyle, whether you're looking for a short-term breather or a lifelong change.

Drinking is on the decline, with more and more people turning away from, rather than to, the bottle. Public health stats show not only that we are drinking less alcohol and binge-drinking less than 10 years ago, but that completely giving up alcohol, or never drinking it in the first place, are becoming more mainstream, too. Many of the people who cut out drinking talk of the financial and wellbeing benefits, from more savings to better sleep. And with more and more no-alcohol beers and beverages hitting the adult-drinks market, there has never been a better time to give sobriety a go.

Packed with simple steps to understanding your alcohol intake and its effects, and offers practical ways to start reducing your units and realising the benefits, How to Go Alcohol Free highlights the health concerns around alcohol and helps you to navigate sober social situations. This book will help you plan for, switch to and enjoy a life beyond booze."

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How to go Alcohol Free


Kate Bee

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