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Sober Time helps you track your addictions, stay motivated, and interact with others in recovery.

Here's what you can do with Sober Time:

  • Track as many addictions as you want
  • Built-in Goals with the option to add your own
  • Daily motivational messages
  • Vibrant sober community forum
  • Personalize your addictions with beautiful backgrounds and icons
  • Tons of timer options
  • Track your relapses and add notes to them
  • See how much money you've saved
  • Share your progress
  • Style your app with 15+ color themes

Accurate and precise Sobriety Tracker

Track the time you've been clean down to the second. The tracker updates in real time and you can see the seconds, minutes, hours and days tick by. With over 10 unique display modes - from total days to breaths - pick one that shows what's important to you.

Staying motivated and inspired

Sober Time helps you stay motivated and inspired by showing daily inspirational messages and setting realistic, achievable goals for you. You can further customize your goals by editing them or even creating your own. Each goal will be tracked in the app and you'll receive a notification when you've reached them.

Our community

Sober Time has a dedicated community forum where you can read or discuss anything related to sobriety. Users discuss their daily struggle with addiction, motivation, milestones, and more. You can stay anonymous and browse the forum without registering an account. Soak up the knowledge until you're ready to share your story.

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