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This is the app I used for my first 6 months. I found it helpful but a bit 'intense'.  I liked the savings and days counter and the reward stickers :)

Developed by a Harvard educated Licensed Chemical Dependency and Certified Alcoholism Counselor with over 32 years clean and sober and a team from The Ohio State University, this app is based on proven techniques to help you stay clean and sober. It doesn't matter whether it's alcohol, food, sex, cocaine, marijuana, gambling, spending, heroin, the internet, or anything else, SoberTool gives you free, immediate help. It actually trains coping skills.


  • Top rated SOBRIETY COUNTER that not only calculates days clean and sober, but also MONEY you have saved!
  • REWARDS for the time you have stayed clean and sober!
  • Quick daily motivational MESSAGES and NOTIFICATIONS to remind you to read them.
  • A great SEARCH ENGINE. Just type in one word to describe how you currently feel and it will lead you to answers to deal with those feelings so that you feel better and don't relapse!
  • A PROCESS TO AVOID RELAPSING if you have a craving. Just answer its simple questions and it will lead you to an answer to an issue that is RELEVANT TO WHAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING. It helps change relapse thinking to recovery thinking. No other recovery book or app is designed to do this. All you have to do is follow its simple prompts to get a reading relevant to where you are right now!
  • A CHAT FORUM where you can anonymously share your personal messages, comments and get support from others.
  • A PROCESS to improve the quality of your sobriety if you are new or have been clean and sober for a long time.
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